[NOTICE] Feedback From the Admin Team (Re-posted)

Jun 16, 2020

Since after the last announcement we see the forum is so active with tons of new posts everyday. Of course, we have read them all and summarized, analyzed them in order to forward them to our dev team. They are considering your valuable suggestions and discussing them internally. 

Although we might not be answering all your questions because nothing can be 100% guaranteed at this current status, yet we are trying to communicate with you via this channel. So we would like to ask you to leave your precious feedback, suggestion, or any brilliant idea regarding Microvolts.  

In addition, some of you mentioned that Microvolts forum is pretty much eye-straining and suggested customizing the UI of the forums. We agreed to that, and fortunately, the changing color was done earlier than we'd expected. Now you can change the background color of this website including the forum page to your favorite ones!  

Next time we will come back with more interesting news. 
Stay safe and healthy!

Thank you.
~Microvolts team

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