Everyone Can Play Fairly,
Only Your Fingers Matter.

In Microvolts Recharged, this might be the most remarkable change compare to the previous versions.
We believe that this was one of the changes that many of our loyal fans were eager to have.

Easier Upgrade System As part of that, Upgrading is no longer pay-to-win. Anyone with MP is easy enough to try,
and you can always switch the upgrade options to your liking.
Furthermore, the upgrade options will have the same value as long as they are of the same type.

We’ve removed Evolution system, skills, and overpowered items This was probably the main factor that broke the balance between paying and unpaid users.
Players should be able to enjoy the game itself no matter how much they spend,
and we will keep this as a top priority in future updates and developments.

Ranked Mode

5 tiers and 3 advanced tiers!
From Bronze to Diamond, and Advanced tiers for the top players!

Competition is always fun, thrilling, and challenging.
Each season a new league will start to determine who would be the true honorable winners!

You play better? Prove it on the League Match!

Stronger Community-Friendly Content

New Dioramas Decorate your Dioramas in some cool way!

New Loading Screen for League Match Now your teammates and opponents
can see how awesome you are!

No Level Cap We have removed the level cap!


New Parts and Sets Cool outfits make you fight better, right!?
More parts will continue to be released in the future.

Improved Sound Effects Some of firing, reloading, and surface sound effects in old versions might have been bothering you if the sound matters to you while playing.
We have fixed those slightly mismatched and glitched ones for players’ better gaming experience.

Weekly Mission This Mission is reset every week.
Weekly mission rewards are significantly higher than daily mission rewards.

Training Center At the training center, you can use a variety of weaponry.
By defeating dummies, you can improve your battling skills.

Replay System & Report You can watch your most recent gameplay by using the replay tool.
On this system, the function of changing the time and viewpoint is provided.
While viewing the game, you can report questionable players.

New Achievements New achievements are applied for countless newcomers to adapting MVR.
Players who obtain a trophy will receive additional rewards.

Item Preset This system allows you to save your own item set and rapidly adjust item settings.
(Characters who do not use membership can only register two presets.)

Setting System for Equipment Ability This system enables the addition of abilities to equipment. MP and battery must be charged in order to upgrade.
Abilities can be changed.

Membership Membership rewards are available
When you purchase Membership, you immediately gain unlimited batteries and access to four extra presets for each character.
These bonus systems will be available throughout the Membership time.

Limited Capsule Limited Capsule costumes are only available to players for a limited time.
To obtain limited outfits, you must pay MP to spin your limited capsule machine.
If you do not use the machine for a set amount of time, control of the machine is lost, and it can now be owned by anybody.
To put it another way, you are free to own any unpossessed limited capsule machine.

Increasing Usability [Increase Readability in Chatroom] - Chatroom UI is applied, and the chat log doesn't disappear.
- You can view the previous chat record.
- Old uncomfortable Chatroom features have been eliminated and enhanced.

[In-game Zoom Sensitivity Adjustment] - The function of altering the zoom sensitivity of sniper weapons is used.

[Add Additional Resolution Options] - 2048, 1536 (4:3)
- 2560, 1440 (16:9)
- 2560, 1600 (16:10)
- 3840, 2160 (16:9)

[Support for Multi-language Writing in-game] - You can read any language correctly in chat or by mail.