How to Get Rewards

Event Duration Sep 9 - Oct 10

Capture YOUR awesome action figure and share on social media with the hashtag

#Microvolts   #NOP2W   #ToyWarsRevival   #Figure   #TPS

Don’t forget to register your post URL on this page!

$20 worth of 2160 RT will be rewarded for all participants!

By sending the link, you agree that Masangsoft may use the provided personal information for event-related purposes.

Event Details

1. You can join using your STEAM account, with only one URL registration allowed per account.
2. You will not be able to change your URL once you have registered it, so continue with caution.
3. No rewards for duplicate or stolen URL submissions.
4. If there are many participants, event might end early.
5. Rewards will be delivered after the closing date of the event.
6. Event details are subject to change without prior notice.