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Frequently Asked Questions

  • [Purchasing] Refund Policy

    Purchases made through Steam are subject to Steam's Refund Policy.


  • [Purchasing] Troubleshooting purchase failing errors


    If you’re having trouble making purchases on Steam, try the troubleshooting at Steam Support.


    Steam Overlay is Disabled

    When turned off, your in-game Steam Overlay causes your micro-transaction purchases to fail.

    To turn on the Steam Overlay:
    1. Go to Steam on the top Hotbar.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Select the In-Game tab, and then turn on Enable Steam Overlay while in-game.
    *To learn more about Steam Overlay, check out Steam Support.


    Your purchase was canceled or service was interrupted

    Purchases within the in-game store require you to confirm your selection before completion.

    This error message may appear if:

    - You cancel the purchase before it completes.
    - You experience any kind of service interruption during the purchase process.

    If you're unable to access the item you purchased with RT in the game, please contact us for assistance.


  • [Purchasing] In-game Currencies: RT and MP


    Rock Token (RT) is a virtual currency that can be used in-game.

    RT can be purchased via Steam Wallet and be used to customize and expand players’ game experience.


    Microvolts Point (MP) is a virtual currency that can be used and earned in-game.

    You can earn MP by playing matches, capsules, and boxes.


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