Melee Weapons come in all different shapes and sizes in the Micro World, and everyone will have their own favourite. They have short attacking ranges, which means you'll need to get nice and close to your target. But that shouldn't be a problem, as their light weight increases your speed in battle. On top of that, melee weapons also give you the double jump ability!

Rifles are some of the most versatile weapons in the battlefield. These rapid firing firearms are deadly accurate and deal a good amount of damage to your enemies from all distances. Movement in battle does not suffer when handling a rifle, giving you all the agility you'll need to outmaneuver your opponents.

Shotguns are high powered weapons that can cause some serious destruction in the right hands. Their low accuracy will prevent you from using them to shoot your targets from long distance. But as every good MicroVolter knows, nothing beats a good shotgun blast to stop your enemies in their tracks. Recommended for players with revenge on the mind.your opponents.

Sniper Rifles are extremely accurate over long distances, and a confident shooter can take out an opponent with a single shot. It also helps to have a scope zoom, so you can get a close look at your next unsuspecting victim. Pro snipers be warned, jealous enemies will accuse you of camping.

Gatling Guns take some time to warm up, but when they do... your enemies better get out of the way. Multiple rotating barrels will eliminate multiple targets at once. Remember to show no mercy as you will be heavily weighed down, and vulnerable to quicker opponents.

Bazooka fire off high explosive warheads that wreak havoc in the battlefield at long ranges. They can also be used to launch your enemies into the air, as you switch weapons and finish them off. Master the art of launching rockets, and you will be unstoppable.

Grenade Launchers are equipped with multiple firing special rounds that will instantly terminate your target. They are most efficient for tactical strikes against unsuspecting victims and overly confident enemies. Experts will rain destruction from above upon all their opponents.