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Microvolts figures will have full access to 7 types of weapons.
All weapon types are available to players without restrictions, and switching them to match the current circumstances of the match is key to victory.

Melee weapons attack lightly and quickly, and can jump twice. Right-click to perform a slower but more powerful attack.

A versatile weapon that deals fast and accurate damage on the battlefield. Agility without restriction of movement.

The shotgun is a gun that can inflict strong damage at close range, and it is difficult to shoot enemies from a distance due to its low accuracy.

The sniper gun takes down enemies with high accuracy even from a long distance, and the scope allows you to precisely respond to unexpected attacks from enemies.

The Gatling machine gun takes time to fire, but its spinning barrel can take down multiple enemies at once. However, due to its heavy weight, it is vulnerable to fast enemies.

The bazooka fires devastating explosive projectiles over long distances and can be launched into the air as it clears enemies.

The grenade launcher is loaded with grenades that can finish off many enemies at once. This weapon brings unexpected variables on the battlefield and can implement effective tactics.