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Frequently Asked Questions

  • [Account] [Steam] Account Hacked

    If you think your Steam account was compromised, try the following steps to make your account more secure.

    1. Clear your browser cache to clear saved passwords.

    2. Reset your Steam password with Steam Support.

    3. Enable two-factor authentication for your Steam account. Visit Steam Support for steps to add this extra layer of protection to your Steam account.

    4. Change your email password.

    5. Log into your Steam account, and make sure no additional email addresses were added. Visit Steam Support for more information on compromised accounts.

    Please note, unfortunately, we're unable to restore in-game content missing as a result of an account hack.

  • [Account] [Steam] Account Secure

    Securing your Steam account is an important aspect of ensuring that your in-game experience isn't interrupted.

    Try the following tips to help make sure your account is secure.


    Account Security

    Follow the steps provided by Steam to help ensure that your account is secure.

    These security tips include:

    ◆ Enabling Steam Guard two-factor authentication to increase the security of your account.

    ◆ Verifying your contact email address with Steam.

    Some Additional Tips to Secure your Account

    ◆ Use unique passwords: Using the same password across multiple services increases the chances that your information can be obtained from other services.
    ◆ Install anti-virus or anti-malware software. Keep security software up to date by installing updates and patches as soon as they're available.
              * Note: When the installation is complete, run a full scan of your computer.

    ◆ Scan your computer regularly: Scan your computer for viruses, key loggers, and spyware with a virus scan utility to make sure that your computer isn’t compromised.
    ◆ Keep your operating system and necessary plugins updated to the latest version available.
    ◆ Always log out of your account on shared machines.
    ◆ Don't share your password: Masanggames Staff will NEVER ask for your password.

  • [Account] Account Penalty


    To protect the integrity of our community and foster a fun and safe space in which to play, we reserve the right to penalize any account or take other disciplinary actions at any time for any conduct that we determine to violate the Operation Policy or otherwise find to be inappropriate or harmful to the community. 

    If you review the Operation Policy and believe that you received your penalty in error, please submit a web ticket for further review.

  • [Account] I forgot my Masanggames account, what can I do to find it?

    Please visit here to find your username or password.  
    If you have lost access to your email, there is no other way to find your account we can provide since your email address is the only information we’ve collected. 

    For Steam, you can try out these methods that Steam Support provides here


  • [Account] Sign-in through Steam

    You may still use your Masanggames account to use the website and Forums, yet you will need to sign in through your Steam account to authenticate your game account and get support to resolve any type of game-related issues.


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